How Stress Can Affect Your Health and Mood

Everybody knows that stress can trigger a lot of pent up frustrations within you. And if you have children, they are often the outlet to let out your anger about the stress already built up in your body, which is very common among families these days. Stress doesn’t only affect your mood, but it also affects your health as well. It is best that you learn the techniques of managing stress so that you don’t need to lash it out on your children or loved ones when stress is already overpowering your life.

If you are working in the corporate world, have you ever managed to keep stress at bay and never let it control you? There are rarely any people that are capable of handling themselves like this, which is why there is a necessity that one learns how to manage stress.

Just keep in mind that stress is not entirely bad. There are certain situations wherein stress is a sign that you are in a middle of an amazing breakthrough. When stress is in small doses, it will help you become a better performer even when under pressure. It will also motivate you in doing your best. But when your body is constantly operating in emergency mode, your body and mind are going to pay for the price. If you find yourself in constant overwhelming feeling and frazzling, it is the best time to bring the body’s nervous system in its perfect balance.

Effects of stress
The nervous system is not good at identifying between physical and emotional threats. If your body is under chronic stress because you’ve been arguing with your friend, a particular deadline, accumulation of bills, etc., this can cause the body to react as strongly as if you are facing a situation that will cost you your life. The more emergency stress that is packed up and running in your system, the easier it will be to become a trigger for different health issues and make it more difficult to turn it off.

If you find yourself getting stressed out most of the time, as many people these days are prone of because the world’s demanding a lot, the body may go through heightened stress almost all the time. And this will lead to serious health issues. Stress, particularly the chronic one, disrupts almost every system in the body. It can even suppress the body’s immune system, upset the reproductive and digestive systems, increase the chances of getting stroke and heart attack and even speed up the process of aging. It even can rewire the brain, leaving the body more vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and many other mental health issues.

Health problems linked to stress

  • Any pain
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Sleeping problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Weight problems
  • Heart disease
  • Skin conditions like eczema
  • Reproductive issues
  • Memory and thinking problems

Causes of Stress
Everybody can claim that a certain situation has made them stressed out. And you can tell from their expression that they are affected. Most of the pressures and situations can cause stress, for which it is referred to as stressors. People usually think about stressors being negative, like getting exhaustive work schedule or being in a rocky relationship. Anything that places your body in high demands can make you stressful. It even covers positive events like buying a new home, getting married, receiving a promotion or going to college.

Not all stress in life is caused by external factors. The stress can also be generated within, especially with the thoughts. One of these is when you think about a certain situation excessively that may or may not even happen, or having this negative illogical thought about life.

The causes of stress depends at least on your perception about it. Something that is stressful to your point of view may not be that stressful at all to another. In fact, the latter may even enjoy it more. For example, when you commute early morning to your work, it makes you anxious and even tense because you are worried about the traffic. However, for other people, it will make them feel relaxed because it allows them enough time to enjoy something that they love to do, such as listening to music.

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