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Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) Information

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What is Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?

An EMR is an electronic version of the old paper patient chart that contains your medical history and documentation regarding the care you have received.  EMRs offer many patient benefits, such as:

 Quality:  Electronic records are more efficient than paper because it makes the files easier to read, more accessible and improves the overall quality of patient files for diagnosis, patient history and research.

 Convenience:  When you get lab work, X-ray or scans done, the results or images are electronically saved in your EMR which makes it easier to find information.

 Security:  Paper files can be lost as in case of fire or flood, but EMRs are electronically stored securely in our EMR system with backup file protection.  There is additional protection of your medical information because it is password protected with multiple levels of security.  Every time someone enters your electronic record, there is documentation electronically generated showing who looked at your record.

 Portability:  Your records can be given to you electronically if you request them or in the future we will be able to send them electronically to any hospital or physician using encryption to further protect your privacy.

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