Open Meetings Act

Freedom of Information Act

Perry Memorial Hospital is required to comply with Illinois Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS 140). If you are interested in obtaining documents that fall within the requirements of the FOIA, you may submit a FOIA request in writing and send it to:

Perry Memorial Hospital
Jean Welte, Freedom of Information Officer
530 Park Avenue East
Princeton, IL  61356

Pursuant to the FOIA, Perry Memorial Hospital is entitled to charge a fee for providing a copy of a public record when the FOIA request results in an unusually high cost to the Hospital. You will be contacted by the FOI Officer with any applicable charges prior to the mailing of the FOIA documents. It is understood that, by law, Perry Memorial Hospital has five days to respond to your request unless an agreement has been reached to extend this date.

Hospital Board and Committee Meetings

  • Board of Directors Regular Meetings
    • Every 4th Monday
      • January 25
      • February 22
      • March 28
      • April 25
    • 5:30pm Dinner in the Lower Level Conference Room
    • Meeting to follow at approximately 6:00pm in the 3rd Floor White Oak Classroom, unless otherwise posted.
    • Meeting Agenda
  • Joint Conference Committee Meetings
    • Quarterly on the Monday of Regular Board Meetings.
      • January 25
      • April 25
    • Held at noon in the CEO’s Office, Administration.
    • Cancelled when a known quorum is not present.
    • Meeting Agenda
  • Board Finance Committee Meeting
    • Monthly on the Thursday prior to regular Board Meetings, except where differently or otherwise posted.
      • January 21
      • February 18
      • March 24 (4th Floor Multipurpose Room, Budget Presentation)
      • April 21
      • May 14, 2015
    • Held at 7:00am in the CEO’s Office in Administration.
    • Cancelled when a known quorum is not present.
    • Meeting Agenda
    • Finance Meeting change Agenda NOVEMBER 2015
  • Special Board Meeting (Meetings as announced) Previous Board and Committee Minutes

Partial schedule posted, moving to a fiscal year schedule starting FY17





Posting per 5 ILCS 120/7.3

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