Interested in a Furthering your Education in a Healthcare Profession?

 Then consider Perry Memorial Hospital’s Education Loan Program!

 Perry Memorial Hospital offers an Education Loan Program to help cover the costs for continuing education for their employees, as well as individuals living in Princeton and the surrounding communities.

 This program allows employees and students in the area an opportunity to continue their education more affordably through the Education Loan Program.  Students who are accepted into the Loan Program may be reimbursed at the following levels over the course of their education:

  • Associate’s Degree:             $12,000
  • Bachelor’s Degree:              $18,000
  • Master’s Degree:                  $24,000

 The Program covers tuition, text book expenses and lab fees.  Repayment is issued directly to the student for each regular school session pending the receipt of documented costs and course completion.

 To qualify for the Perry Memorial Education Loan Program:

  •  You must be a high school graduate, qualified for employment at Perry Memorial and be pursuing a career in a healthcare profession

 – OR –

  •  Be currently employed at PMH and remain eligible for employment upon graduation from a program at the Hospital according to current policies and practices

– AND –

  •  Agree to accept a position a Perry Memorial in that identified profession or technical position

 Upon degree completion, the amount borrowed under the Educational Loan Program, will be paid off by the hours the employee works at the hospital as follows:

  •             Associate’s Degree:             $3,000 payoff per year* worked
  •             Bachelor’s Degree:              $4,000 payoff per year* worked
  •             Master’s Degree:                  $5,000 payoff per year* worked

 *Payoff per year calculated on a 40-hour work week

If you are interested in the Perry Memorial Education Loan Program call or stop by the Human Resources Department, 4th floor of the Medical Office Building to get an application and to learn more about the Program. 

 Applications should be submitted 8-weeks before beginning classes.

 ~ Specific rules apply; contact Human Resources for complete details ~



See for yourself the testimonials of current and past participants in the Education Loan Program:

“As a Clinical Lab Science student I am required to think a lot. Luckily, participating in the Educational Loan Program offered by Perry Memorial Hospital is a no-brainer! They pay for my education and all I have to do is keep my grades up and repay the loans by working here after I graduate. Anybody who wants a high demand career in the healthcare field should look into this excellent program.”     – – Zackery Sommer, Current student & Telepage Operator at PMH

 “The education loan program at Perry Memorial Hospital has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge of healthcare management with a Master’s Degree from Regis University in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The education I hope will bring some added responsibility to my day-to-day operations of the Radiology department.”                                                                                                                             – – Al Corwin, BS RT (R) (CT); Chief Technologist Radiology at PMH

“I would not have been motivated to obtain my degree if it had not been for the loan program. I was not financially able to afford my degree and had given up on being able to get my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) when I was encouraged to apply.”           – –  Deb Wood, RN; EMS Coordinator/Safety Officer at PMH

“The benefits are huge. I am able to continue working at my current position and keep my current pay. I will come away with a degree I more than likely would not be able to obtain in any other setting.”     – – Cari Becker, Patient Advocate/ Compliance Assistant at PMH

“The educational loan program has made it easy for me to be able to pursue my advanced degree. I was very hesitant about going back to school, partially due to the high costs associated with that. The educational loan program has removed that burden.”     – – Delinda Leopold, RN, MSN; Director of Outpatient Services at PMH

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